This is awarded to the organization or housing developer with the most efficient housing project that is affordable for monthly income earners of less than N50, 000 or can afford a monthly mortgage of at least N10, 000. The project(s) may be a new development or an extension of an existing one and can include single houses, housing developments, housing estates, apartments and social housing projects.

Entry is by a 5 A4 page submission; judges will be keen to receive vivid information on project, backed by facts and evidence that meet the criteria below.



Project Outline : Kindly provide a summarized description of the project including the brief, contract value, square footage and the dates of commencement and completion.
Project Team : Kindly state the project execution team, i.e. client, designers, architects, engineers, project managers, contractors, key suppliers, funders, etc.
Planning and Strategy : Kindly provide the back-story behind the project initiation. What critical need and target was it intended for? Give details about the project execution strategy undertaken to achieve the project’s aims and objectives? What was the project delivery timeline and budget?
Project Excellence : Kindly justify the project’s worthiness for this special recognition and award by highlighting its innovativeness, competitive advantage and expected impact.
Health and Safety : Outline the Health and Safety initiatives put in place to ensure durability and general safety. Also, what were the project execution safety strategies?
Sustainability : Describe, if any, the steps taken to improve energy efficiency; increase use of renewables and/or reduce emissions (direct and indirect) during construction and for the future use of the building(s).

Kindly include any other detail or fact to support your entry, including client testimonials where possible.

Nominations For The Nigeria Housing & Construction Awards 2019

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