[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]This is an individual award to someone with a track record of consistently promoting affordable housing through advocacy, sponsorship of affordable housing programmes and products in the period under review.

Background: Kindly provide a brief description of your affordable housing promotion; duration; number of participants; nature of advocacy; projects; services and other relevant sector achievements.
Measurable Impact: How much has your advocacy and promotion contributed to changes or prompted discourse in the sector? What are the projects that your advocacy has led or inspired? State the cost of promotions, timeline and what makes them exceptional.
Innovation: state the role of innovation in what you have done and how the process was. What are the methods, ideas and technology? Provide examples where necessary.
Vision: State the plan for your promotion and advocacy in the future.
Entry: Entry or nomination can be made for self or for another.

Nominations For The Nigeria Housing & Construction Awards 2019

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