Open to manufacturers, suppliers, and home makeover companies. The award is presented to the company that is consistent with standard, market reality, excellence in innovation and design and especially customer satisfaction. Entrants may point out particular product(s) or services in their product line to enter

Entry is by a 5 A4 page submission; the judges will be looking for clear information backed up by facts that pays particular attention to the criteria listed below.


  • Products outline: Please explain what you have developed, produced or acquired, what your product (s) has achieved to date. Is the product(s) manufactured in Nigeria?
  • Objectives: What were the objectives behind introducing your product(s)? And how were these objectives met?
  • Product Advantages: Please outline the benefits delivered over similar products on the market where possible. For example, a reduction in costs, time or environmental benefits.
  • Product Excellence: Explain why you feel this product(s) and services deserve special recognition for this award.
  • Please include any other statements or facts that support your entry, including client testimonials where possible.
  • Business growth: How have specific and significant activities contributed to the growth of the company? Outline the effects of effective procurement where relevant.
  • Innovation: Does your company employ innovative uses of material and/or methods? Provide examples where relevant.
  • Client satisfaction: Do you have a positive relationship with your clients? Do you deliver quality demands within time? Do you provide value for money? Detail specific examples of when you went beyond the demand brief to deliver outstanding service to your clients. How have you responded to customer complains?
  • Health & Safety: Provide a background of the Health and Safety initiatives in the course of your work. Explain how they have given rise to a substantial positive change.


Nominations For The Nigeria Housing & Construction Awards 2019

  • Kindly read through the award category before making your nomination for Individual/Company
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