[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]This is an award for the most effective Town Planner in the period under review. The award is based on the evidence that the Town Planner in question have ensured that land is used effectively to meet economic, social and environmental needs.

The Town Planner would have been involved in making both short and long-term decisions about the considered project and development of commercial sites, villages, towns, cities and the countryside, advising the community, developers, local and national government to help them make decisions about development.

Creativity and Innovation: The Awardee should have been able to maintain the best of the past while encouraging creativity and innovation in the development of a sustainable future.
Professional Association: The Awardee should be a member of at least one professional body in the industry.
Verifiable Achievement: The problem(s) that has been solved by the awardee should be verifiable and seen to have been of impact.
Individual Entry: Entry or nomination is by individual for self or for another. The winner is decided by public vote and award Judges.

Nominations For The Nigeria Housing & Construction Awards 2019


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