President of Professional Bodies of the Year

This award is presented to the Best Residential Real Estate Developer in Sustainable ‘Smart’ Development and Customer Experience Initiative. The awardee would have been able to develop a unique residential housing with the adaptation of smart technologies like clean energy, housing infrastructure with environmental benefits, green landscapes and alternative designs that have been attested to by the occupiers to be satisfactory and worth the value of their money.

• There must be a verifiable evidence of the adaption of these smart technologies by the developer. Client testimonials can be included if possible.
• Provide a key breakdown of project brief including cost, team, partners and innovative strategy developed to accomplish the project.
• Provide evidence to show that the project meets national and international standards.
• Kindly show evidence of previous award in the development of similar project.
• Kindly provide evidence of customers’ satisfaction with project.

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President of Professional Bodies of the Year

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