The Special Recognition Award is presented to an individual who has a proven track record of excellent service delivery in the area of housing and construction. The award is a recognition of consistent service and policy development that has greatly impacted the sector. The contributions of the awardee must be verifiable and largely attested to as deserving of the recognition.

Criteria for Award
– Proven Track Record: The award recognizes a history of credible performance by the awardee which must have led to verifiable impact in the lives of beneficiaries or in the quality of services or projects delivered. The special recognition can either be for the awardee’s input in the country’s national policies on housing or on-site achievements in the area of building affordable houses and other housing and constriction innovations.
– Timespan: The awardee must have spent at least 5-10 years in the built environment, either as a public official or private sector achiever.
– Excellent Strategy: The awardee must have a proven strategy that aided him in achieving the results he is being recognised for. His strategy and work ethic must be one that can inspire others in the sector.

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Special Recognition Awards

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